Asset Management & Trust offers a wide array of services which are fundamental to investors in the financial industry.

We provide advisory services to:


Who are looking to reduce losses and increase profit from the sale or financial reestablishment of assets;

Closed-end opportunity funds & firms

With guaranteed and unguaranteed credit facilities who have used up their equity capital and are violating their financial agreements;


Who need equity to readjust and expand their portfolios or seek support from recourse portfolio guarantees and exposure to taxation from abolishing their debts; and


Disappointed with the difference between "bid and ask" who can use our creative frameworks to boost the appeal of their bids and obtain assets from hesitant buyers.

Debt/Equity Restructuring

Through our in-depth understanding of bankruptcy, tax-advantaged recapitalization, and access to capital, we are fully capable to support clients in restructuring debt and equity.

Asset Management & Trust’s “rescue capital” service is vital in reducing lender and borrower losses; lessen the odds of foreclosure and bankruptcy; convert non-performing assets into recapitalized performing assets; prolong maturities for performing assets by giving equity to rebalance portfolios. and minimizing shareholder tax liability from cancellation of indebtedness.


Sourcing Acquisitions

Asset Management & Trust utilizes an innovative five-point method to obtain distressed assets for acquisition:

  • Our comprehensive direct relationships with financial organizations, private equity funds, and borrowers created more than 30 years and €18 billion in transactions;
  • Lead accounting and law firms who know our competence and passion to help their clients with distressed assets or who want to participate in an advisory capacity in our multidisciplinary method to obtaining assets by helping sellers lessen their accounting losses;
  • Our connections at the top management levels with special servicers who conduct billions of euros in non-performing assets for financial institutions;
  • A coordinated campaign to promote the asset and property management services of our clients to banks and other lenders by providing unique advantages; and
  • A targeted and preferred list of highly gratifying distressed assets.

Distressed Asset Acquisition & Bid Enhancement

At Asset Management & Trust, we guarantee our clients and partners with a material competitive advantage in obtaining distressed assets and put them in a position where they choose some of ...

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Equity Placement

Asset Management & Trust raises equity and debt for single and various asset joint endeavors, opportunity funds, and REITs. We utilize our profound recognition and long haul involvement at the senior ...

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Asset Disposition

We offer various structured solutions aimed towards ensuring better investment outcome to both investors and lenders.


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