Equity Placement

Our Approach

Asset Management & Trust raises equity and debt for single and various asset joint endeavors, opportunity funds, and REITs. We utilize our profound recognition and long haul involvement at the senior level with equity sources in our database of 400 private and 800 institutional equity sources. Our connections are a mix of private, institutional and corporate investors, which enable us to give all or select parts of the capital stack on the most alluring terms accessible in the market.

Equipped with Asset Management and Trust’s bid-enhancing acquisition technology and distinctive approach to sourcing assets, our clients will distinguish themselves from their competitors in attracting institutional equity. Investors understand that our clients will be a lot more effective in deploying their capital due to a better "bid capture magnitude relation.”

Finding Affordable Equity Capital in an Expensive Market

It is our view that equity investors are roughly divided into two basic teams. One is dominated by Wall Street private equity funds with a 20–25% targeted yield. These patrons concentrate on timeserving realty or extraordinarily desperate sellers. On the other hand, we have the middle to higher teens who seek core plus and value-added opportunities. It’s upon this rising second cluster that Asset Management and Trust can focus, and we have developed a method to supply and attract a lot of with modesty priced LP equity.

Lower priced LP equity will improve an investor's ability to pay a competitive value for additional advantageous properties and leverage its sponsor equity to a 20–25% yield.