stephen-dawson - Asset Recovery Group Inc. - Dublin Ireland

Asset Disposition

We offer various structured solutions aimed towards ensuring better investment outcome to both investors and lenders.

Structured Solutions to Mitigate Losses

Our expertise covers a variety of corporations and asset types and our focus is to supply a structured solution aimed toward mitigating losses to both investors and lenders. In some instances, these solutions could involve contributing an asset into a JV permitting parties to defer or avoid all or some of their loss and give a lender the flexibility to structure their loan, and still be in a position to profit from improving market conditions. Another solution uses a sale/leaseback or buyback option structure that permits the vendor to monetize their equity position but preserve the choice to repurchase a core asset at a preset formula once their liquidity improves.

The active involvement of our operating experts provides us the ability to thoroughly analyze businesses and assets to reach a well-informed conclusion on the suitable investments.

Knowledge of the Best Buyers

Asset Recovery Group Inc. professionals have immense expertise in promoting asset purchasable with over €4 billion in closed transactions. Our ongoing equity capital raising effort makes us acutely alert to the most affordable price sources of capital, and thus, those investors who pay the best value for a specific asset and have the financial resources to fulfill their contractual obligations.