Asset Recovery Group Limited has a demonstrated reputation that traverses many years of trading underperforming assets in Asia. We are independent, balanced, and with extensive resources.

As a wealth manager in underperforming assets, Asset Recovery Group Limited is firmly situated in the market having the correct individuals on board with over 20 years of involvement in rebuilding and exchanging distressed assets for its funds and clients.

Customarily, just a few restructuring solutions have worked for partners in a troubled situation, regularly including clearing out equity stakes and limits to lenders. The present M&A world is a seller's market. An abundance of capital pursues too few organizations to purchase. Private equity funds have a record amount of capital to deploy, recently outperforming a trillion dollars. Managers of private equity funds are experiencing strain to make their assets work. Operating companies (or strategics) have unsurpassed high stock costs and a record measure of money on their balance sheets. They have done everything to lessen costs, and are presently swinging to extra income sources to add profit. With the economy proceeding to develop gradually, the most effortless approach to help boost market share is an acquisition.

There are numerous approaches to run a distressed sale process, yet talented and learned investment experts can enable a distressed company transform a terrible losing circumstance into a "most ideal" result for all partners involved.