Asset Management & Trust

is a diversified, vertically integrated specialist financial advisory firm located in Labuan, Malaysia . Established in 2009, the company provides a broad range of services such as:

Distressed asset purchase specialist

Debt and equity restructuring


Sourcing acquisitions


Equity transactions


Asset dispositions


Debt transactions


The Asset Management & Trust team is comprised of accomplished financial professionals with knowledge of all aspects of distressed asset management an asset restructuring. We have successfully transacted over €12 billion worth of capital market deals and restructurings and  finished more than €1.0 billion in developments and acquisitions on behalf of associate entities.

As partners, we will equip you with an understanding of restructuring and asset purchase and extensive knowledge on valuations, regulatory and business concerns and industry trends. Asset Management & Trust works with you to foresee and respond rapidly to opportunities, lessening risk and enhancing the returns of your investments.

In 2011, we reorganized our distressed asset team and are carefully working to provide advisory services to asset buyers, owners , and financiers concerned with market uncertainty. We are classifying investment entities to purchase assets as principals as well. Furthermore, Asset Management & Trust provides a full array of asset management, development, and audit  services to the financial industry.

Our overall experience and accomplishment in this industry make us different from an "advisory only" enterprise that lacks experience as a principal in real-world transactions and allow us to see each undertaking from the viewpoint of all shareholders—an immeasurable skill in solving complicated problems.